Another license of Southernpec is revoked due to MFM magnet malpractice


It looks like Singapore is not willing to cut the edges in its policy for the mandatory use of Mass Flow Meters and the Maritime and Port of Authority (MPA) appears ready to take strict measures against those who don’t follow its guidelines properly.

After the suspension of its Bunker License in April this year, it was announced that the bunker craft operator license of Southernpec (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. was revoked due to the same reason; a malpractice that the supplier appeared to have been engaged by which it used magnet to influence the readings of the MFMs.

According to MPA this action was a clear breach of the terms and conditions under the company’s craft operator license and the relevant license was revoked with immediate effect as of 8 May 2019.

Despite the fact that the bunker supplier license of Southerpenc has been suspended since last month, the company still appears in the list of officially licensed suppliers. MPA, in its recent notice, did not make any specific reference in the status of the company’s supplier bunker license however it mentioned that the company is under investigation for possible breaches of this license too.

There has been long discussion in the market about the possible use of magnets to interfere with the MFM readings and apparently the Singapore authorities decided to take immediate measures so as to avoid the situation going out of control.

There are many industry stakeholders who see the Singapore case as a paradigm and promote the broader implementation of similar policies by more port authorities worldwide.


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