BunkerTrust ratings integrated in Bunker Connect

Konstantin Kaminski
Konstantin Kaminski CEO of Bunker Connect

In order to make pre-purchase evaluations easier, Bunker Connect and BunkerTrust have decided to make the supplier ratings available on the Bunker Connect platform. The ratings will enable buyers to weigh different prices and terms against the rating of the suppliers.

Konstantin Kaminski of Bunker Connect: “We have a perfect match with BunkerTrust as we share a
similar ambition, more transparency in the bunker industry.
It provides additional information to base procurement decisions on and an opportunity for a supplier to differentiate from others.”

If shipowners, charterers and operators alike are to make data driven bunker purchases, they need to know who their counterpart is and how they are performing.

Daniel Kampmann of BunkerTrust: “Imagine booking a hotel room online on TripAdvisor without having the ratings and feedback from previous guests. Knowing the performance, both in terms of price, terms, service, timing, quality and quantity will be the enabler for fully informed bunker purchases.”


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