Marine Fuel Services partners with NSI to promote APP that adds transparency


Marine Fuel Services (MFS), recently, announced the start of a new collaboration with one of the largest bunkering brokers worldwide; Nautical Supply International Limited (NSI). Through this cooperation, both companies intent to offer complementary services, in an effort to increase transparency among the clients of their joint database and enhance the overall buying experience.

In the core of this collaboration is the joint promotion of a new APP, developed by MFS, which offers quality monitoring and analysis services as well as a claims support service, in case needed. Basically, the APP uses Power BI of Microsoft for pooling, analyzing, visualizing and sharing all data collected from its users in regards with the lab tests and the actual performance of their bunker fuels.

APP subscribers form an online community and they share among themselves all historical and ongoing fuel test results -that MFS is authorised to access directly- from the various laboratories worldwide. Based on this information, users get notified with updated off-spec alerts, receive suggestions for claims settlement and, upon interest, can also have access to legal support.

By sharing all these data among its users, the application increases the default transparency and gives users the opportunity to perform detailed quality analysis. It also allows them to filter all the major performance indicators, not only those related with technical parameters but also with commercial and regulatory ones. And the most important point is that all of this can happen automatically, just with the click of a button. Data and reports are available on computers, tablets and mobiles for iOS and Android.

Gunnar F. Lindqvist, managing partner at Marine Fuel Services, believes that this is the proper timing for such an APP to be developed since the company expects the bunker quality problems to rise with the forthcoming 2020 sulfur cap and the increase in the use of new blend composites. Furthermore,  according to the managing partner of MFS, further existing issues can be resolved with the use of such a service, such as users’ protection against bunkers which appear to be within the ISO 8217 standards but they are contaminated and unsuitable for use.

Buyers must be prepared for a possible increase in fuel quality problems post 2020, which may turn into time consuming disputes difficult to solve, Lindqvist adds.


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