Monjasa invests into five tanker vessels ahead of IMO 2020


While preparations for the forthcoming IMO 2020 regulation are moving forward, Monjasa has announced the acquisition of five tanker vessels which, according to the company, are capable to segregate between two and six different types of oil products in their tanks. Such segregation is a really attractive feature for tanker vessels ahead of the multi-fuel era that the new 0.5% cap will bring in the bunker industry.

These five vessels are the following:

M/T Arhus – 3,798 dwt, built 2009

M/T Delhi – 3,802 dwt, built 2009

M/T Amsterdam – 8,839 dwt, built 2009

M/T Accra – 8,839 dwt, built 2010

M/T Annie – 12,222 dwt, built 2004

These vessels were not unknown to Monjasa, since four out of the five were controlled by the company under bareboat charters, while the M/T Annie is a new comer. When the above acquisitions are completed, Monjasa’s fleet will consists of 10 owned vessels and another 10 chartered vessels.

For the time being, the company has taken control of two vessels while the remaining 3 will be delivered to its ownership during the coming months. According to Monjasa, the vessels will trade in the Arabian Gulf, West Africa and the Panama Canal regions.

“We are on the brink of bringing new low-sulfur fuel products to the market, and the entire industry needs to adapt to a new multiple products demand,” CEO and Owner of Monjasa, Anders Østergaard, noted.

“Coupled with an average age of 10 years the tankers are fully furnished to handle the leap in quality required to perform bunker operations come 2020,” he concluded in a statement announced by the company in relation to its new acquisitions.


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