Shipping System integrations and Rating Ratios…


We are very proud of our integrations with different shipping ERP-systems. Most operators or bunker purchasers appreciate the fact that they do not have to add any additional efforts to their daily routines.

With our ERP system integrations a bunker nomination powered by BunkerTrust is sent to all the relevant parties, like operation departments, surveyors, agents and off course the crew on the receiving vessels. The nomination is sent on the date when the stem is created as the nomination also contains bespoke bunker instructions from the shipowner/operator to the vessels.

On the date of the expected delivery, BunkerTrust automatically sends out the rating invite to the vessel. The rating can be done both online on the platform, by clicking a link in the mail – or it can be submitted by using the off-line form which doesn’t require internet connection.

We have now created more than 3,200 of these rating invites through our different integrations. So next question is – how many these nominations created through the integrations have been rated? …More, than 2,500! This means that roughly 78% of our rating invitations are utilized. What this tells us is that these ratings create value, not only to the shipowners/operators, but also to the vessels!


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