Singapore authorities suspend bunker supplier’s license over allegations for MFM manipulation


During the last month it was Petro Inspect that first reported evidence of possible attempts to manipulate the readings of Mass Flow Meters in Singapore with the use of magnets, while there has been long discussion among the industry stakeholders of whether such manipulation is possible and under what circumstances.

Last Friday, the 26th April, the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore reported that it has temporarily suspended, with an immediate effect, the license of the bunker supplier Southernpec (Singapore) Pte, which ranked in the 30th position of the Singapore bunker suppliers by volume according to 2018 data, as a result of an enforcement check which took place on-board one of the tankers operated by the company.

MPA in its official statement did not report a specific reason about this decision however according to Petro Inspect surveying organisation the suspension took place over an attempt to manipulate the MFM readings with the use of magnets.

Specifically, the founder of Petro Inspect, Kaivan H. Chinoy, said: “We understand the investigation into possible use of magnets to influence MFM readings had been taking place since last week, and that this has now resulted in this suspension”.

This decision is very strict against Southernpec since during the suspension period, the company is not allowed to operate as a bunker craft operator at the Singapore port.


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