I have been buying bunkers for almost 30 years, and really find this an interesting and good initiative to make the industry more transparent and improve pre-purchase evaluations.

Bjarne Nygaard


As part of our strict corporate governance we need to know our counter parties - being it suppliers, traders or the barges delivering fuel to our vessels. BunkerTrust can provide these insights and can assist us in making qualified decisions.

Nitin Metha

Group Director

We expect that BunkerTrust will assist us, in creating the much needed transparency in the bunker industry and will provide valuable insights into how DFDS can improve our overall bunkering process.

Thomas Mørk

VP | Head of Techncial Organization

The project is a good initiative and very timely in connection with the demand for higher fuel quality. It aims at enhancing transparency for owners in their selection of suppliers and with our purpose of developing and promoting the Danish Maritime Industry with a high level of digitization on the agenda we are happy to support BunkerTrust.

Lotte G. Lundberg

Head of Secretariat

Glad to see that someone is rethinking and disrupting the bunker industry. This industry is very un-transparent and we welcome the new insights and transparency provided by BunkerTrust. Kudos to BunkerTrust for providing this.

Michael Hansen


Being a commercial manager, it is crucial to ensure that the bunker barges and suppliers will deliver the right product at the right time in order to optimize on the fleet performance. Sharing knowledge within the shipping community allows us to make better decisions and make such optimizations.

Jeanette Jensen

Vessel Operator