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Shipping System integrations and Rating Ratios…

We are very proud of our integrations with different shipping ERP-systems. Most operators or bunker purchasers appreciate the fact that they do...
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News spread fast

News about the collaboration between Bunker Connect and BunkerTrust travels fast. Most of the shipping news media are reporting about the new...
Konstantin Kaminski

BunkerTrust ratings integrated in Bunker Connect

In order to make pre-purchase evaluations easier, Bunker Connect and BunkerTrust have decided to make the supplier ratings available on the Bunker...

The “Tripadvisor” of the bunker world.

Many call BunkerTrust for the Tripadvisor or the Airbnb of the bunker world and we are the largest platform dedicated to providing...

Rotterdam is heading to digitalisation starting with the “Timetobunker” application

There are a lot who believe that digitalisation is the major tool which can add reliability and transparency in the complex bunkering...